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  • We've been in the safe opening business for over 32 years!
  • Because of our high level of experience and confidence, it separates us from the average locksmith. We perform safe opening with the least amount of intrusion or damage. We specialize only in this type of work, we are not general locksmiths, we are safe opening experts.
  • Our standard service area is Southern California: Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, San Gabriel Valley, Santa Clarita & Antelope Valley, Ventura County, Santa Barbara County, Orange County, Kern County, San Bernardino County and Riverside areas.
  • We will travel out of our areas or out of state for an additional fee.
  • We are fully equipped, insured, licensed and bonded for all aspects of safe opening
  • Dave Richardson is a bonded member of the Safe and Vault Technicians Association (SAVTA) and a charter member of National Safeman's Organization (NSO). He is insured and licensed as a specialty contractor and security locksmith in the State of California.
Safe and Vault Technicians Association
Safe and Vault Technicians Association (SAVTA)
National Safeman's Organization
National Safeman's Organization
  • Dave Richardson has instructed or co-instructed for SAVTA on the following topics:
    1. Safe Opening
    2. High Security Safe Opening
    3. Safe Moving & Rigging
  • We provide excellent service and value, but these services are not inexpensive. Previous customers, locksmiths, professionals in law enforcement, and others in the physical security or loss prevention fields refer most of our clients. If you know anyone in the Los Angeles area employed in any of these capacities, chances are they have heard of me or have even recommended me to a colleague. My clients include all manner of individuals, celebrities, banks, small businesses, national corporations, institutions, and government agencies.
Dave Richardson Safe Cracking
Dave Richardson opens a safe—
in this case, a 10-minute task.
The Canyon Country safecracker says his
longest job, a bank vault,
took 15 1⁄2 hours.
LA Times Article - July 15, 2002
If it's locked, Dave Richardson can crack it open–legally, of course. He's a professional with the right combination of skill and scruples.
The Hollywood version of an ace safecracker is usually a lithe and dapper fellow, a man whose exquisite ear and delicate fingertips can coax the combination from any vault, who, armed with only a hairpin or a stripped twist tie, can defuse an alarm system and pick a lock in seconds. He works silently in the dark, invisible except when his smile gleams irresistibly. A young Alec Guinness, say, or Cary Grant. Maybe George Clooney.
Resting his 6-foot-4 frame on a tiny metal cafe chair outside a Beverly Hills Starbucks, Dave Richardson occupies a good portion of the sidewalk, just as his truck--fire-engine red and custom built to hold him and all his equipment--takes up a fair amount of the curb a block away. There are so many things attached to his belt--a Palm, his cell phone case, several sets of keys--that he jingles slightly when he walks.
This man would be hard to overlook, even in the dark.
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Dave got a write up in a book written by Dave McOmie, Director of NSO.
Director of NSO
Just when I was thinking that nothing else could knock my socks off, along comes Dave Richardson. This guy is a drilling giant. He drills open more safes than anyone I know of on the entire planet, involving around 500 drill jobs (not rattle-opens) every single year. Dave has by-far the most sophisticated drilling equipment I have ever seen, including a vacuum-base magnetic drill press that will be featured in an upcoming issue. For his ability at gaining covert entry, Dave is, in my humble-but-learned opinion, the best there is. The rest of us are all tied for second.

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