I have known Dave Richardson for over twelve years. As Director of the National Safeman's Organization, and the author of numerous books onsafecracking, I feel qualified to comment on his level of expertise. Dave has worked hard and acquired a nationwide reputation for being a first-rate safecracker. He specializes in the tough ones - European high security safes and American bank vaults. In my judgment, Dave Richardson is one of the top ten safecrackers in the United States. Without hesitation I recommend him for any position that will utilize his immense skills.
Dave McOmie
Director - The National Safeman's Organization
Dave McOmie dedicated one of his books to Dave Richardson.

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"What do you do when you find the 80-year-old hillside home you just bought, has an 80-year-old safe in the basement that weighs 1,800 pounds?.. Which, incidentally, has been warping the floor for about 80 years?


Dave and his team arrived, and with years-of-practiced precision, surgically removed the iron giant from my new house, unfazed by a dozen steps, sharp turns, and the 45 degree incline driveway; the right people, the right tools, and the right experience. Moving a safe should be in the pantheon of “don’t-try-this-at-home” activities. Except when the safe actually IS in your home... Then, you call Dave Richardson & Company."

- Mark M.
- Los Feliz


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This book is dedicated to two of the best bank vault cracksmen in the world, Dave Richardson being one of them. I have known Dave for more than a dozen years now and from time to time he still impresses the heck out of me in his relentless pursuits of excellence.
Recently we have experienced a safe lock-out and a safe dial which had loosened too freely. Richardson Safe and Vault Specialist's was notified in each instance. This is being written to express our satisfaction with your handling of the two safe problems. Your company and personnel are prompt, courteous, and experts, dealing with you has been a pleasure.
Be assured that if we experience further safe problems, we will call upon your company first. We will also be glad to recommend you to others. Not only did you give us a "worst case scenario" cost estimate, but you also kept the "actual" cost to the minimum. Your staff has proven to be experts in their field, courteous in manner and also prompt in response time.
Again, thank you for your assistance.
H. Ray Harrington, Postmaster
Glendale Post Office
"Your expertise in safe cracking is recognized by our agency and your cooperation with the Secret Service has been greatly appreciated."
John A. Gill
Special Agent
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During the time that Glendale Police Department has utilized the services of David Richardson of Richardson Safe and Vault Specialists, Mr. Richardson has been involved in numerous high profile cases resulting in multi-kilo cocaine seizures and monies in excess of 1 million dollars. During all the cases in which Mr. Richardson provided safe opening services, he conducted himself professionally and discretely. Mr. Richardson continues to provide his service on an on-call basis for the Vice and Narcotics Detail and his participation in these cases has never compromised any investigations.

Sgt. Mario Marchman
Vice & Narcotics Detail
Special Investigation Bureau
I had my first opportunity to meet Dave and utilize his services when we seized a large safe while executing a search warrant during a drug lab and illegal firearms investigation. He was referred to us by another Law Enforcement Agency and responded promptly to our call. He displayed an "I can do it attitude" and proceeded to open a very tough, old safe.
On Christmas Even I was contacted by some friends who operate a local retail Used Auto Parts business. Their safe was broken and they could not conduct any of their business as keys, cash and checks were locked up tight. Dave was contacted and within a couple of hours was able to reschedule his day and come to their aid. A lifesaver for them.
I've also noticed he seems to mix well with Law Enforcement people and their operations. This is a good asset when interfacing with police type agencies.

Julian S. Miranda
Chief of Police
City of Irwindale
Mr. Dave Richardson, owner of Richardson Safe and Vault Specialists, is known to be a person of outstanding character and ethics. Dave has been of great assistance during numerous criminal investigations where safes were objects of attack. His technical knowledge regarding safes and lock mechanisms is unsurpassed. He is always willing to provide training and assistance to detectives of the Los Angeles Police Department. His help in these matters is greatly appreciated.
Detective III Troy A. Bybee
OIC, Safe Detail
Burglary-Auto Theft Division
Los Angeles Police Department
Hi Dave,
Vinnie and Adam just left. They were professional, charming and right on time. How often does that happen? They got the safe moved perfectly with no damage to the hardwood floor or anything else.
Thank you so much. My husband is out of the doghouse now!
Sherie M.
Southern California

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